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More Official Scotty Chan Merchandise is being added on a regular basis, if you wish to purchase different items, please select "Continue Shopping" on the pop-up window, (multiple quantities of the same item can be ordered at once in the "Quantity" section.

Delivery time for all items is 3-5 days in the UK and 10-14 days internationally unless otherwise stated.
If a product is out-of-stock when an order is placed due to stock miscalculation, (never happened yet), you'll be contacted and asked whether you'd like a refund, alternate product, (where available), or to reserve the product for when it arrives back in stock, (estimated stock dates for certain products may be availabe on request).

In addition, Official Scotty Chan Merchandise will also be available at a further discount at some live performances.

View Cart:
To view your selected purchases at any time, please click on the PayPal "View Cart" button below.

Official Signed Scotty Chan T-Shirt, (Series 1 & 2):
Official signed Scotty Chan t-shirts made with white cotton available for men in either short sleeve or long sleeve, and for women in short sleeve, in adult sizes S-XXL.

T-shirts may take up to 28 days to arrive, as all t-shirts are made-to-order, (worldwide delivery is included in price), in addition, since the t-shirts are made-to-order, they are exempt from the 10 day refund policy, and will only be replaced if found to be damaged/faulty, please note all shirts are checked before being shipped.

Also, please provide the following information when ordering; requested autographs/signatures, (Scott Bull/plain), and the name you wish to have printed on the t-shirt, (Scott Bull/Jennifer Jacker-Bull).

As an added bonus, all t-shirts come with a free set of Scotty Chan badges, (offer subject to availability, and may be withdrawn without prior notice).

Finally, please be aware that minor changes to the design may be made without prior notice.

 Official Scotty Chan T-Shirt Series 1:


 Official Scotty Chan T-Shirt Series 2:



Official 25mm Scotty Chan "SC" Badges, (Pack Of 2, Series 2 & 3):


Series 2: Badge 1 - Badge 2

Series 3: Badge 1 - Badge 2
A set of 2 badges from the official 25mm Scotty Chan "SC" badges, featuring a variant of the original blue "starburst" logo and an varying alternate logo, (price includes worldwide delivery), replacement/refund, (less the cost of postage), is offered if notified within 10 days if found to be damaged/faulty.

Special Offer: purchase multiple sets for a discount, (select the multiple sets from the drop-down menu rather than requesting multiple quantities).

Note: delivery may take a few days longer for these items due to circumstances beyond control.
Official 25mm Scotty Chan "SC" Badges, (Pack Of 2, Series 2):
Official 25mm Scotty Chan "SC" Badges, (Pack Of 2, Series 3):

Official Scotty Chan Pencils With Eraser: Pencil Set
The Official Scotty Chan Pencil With Eraser is available in 6 colours, (white, yellow, red, green, blue, black), and has "" URL in gold on the eraser end of the pencil, the colour of the eraser is pink, and the piece connecting it to the pencil itself is gold.

The pencils come pre-sharpened, the price also includes worldwide delivery, replacement/refund, (less the cost of postage), is offered if notified within 10 days if found to be damaged/faulty.

Note: If ordering a random colour and you'd like a specific colour, please list them in the "message to seller" section in order of preference.

Also, if you order the complete set of 6 Official Scotty Chan Pencils With Eraser, you'll save an amazing 50% off the individual purchase price.

Autographs, (4"x6"): Scott Bull
A 4"x6" signed colour autograph of Scott Bull, (2009), on a plain black background.

Please be sure to note with what message you want the autograph signed with in the "message" section of the purchase when ordering, (for multiple orders, list each message individually if different), unless you'd like a general signing on the photograph, if there's not enough space in the message section, please send an email with the email address of the order to Scott Bull with the messages you'd like on the photo(s), you can also request a blank autograph if you wish, in which case, please be sure to note this when ordering in the message box.

Please note due to the autographs being signed, that they are exempt from the 10 day guarantee unless found to be damaged/faulty, (all autographs are checked before being despatched).

For multiple orders, please be sure to select the multiple quantity from the dropdown menu rather than in the payment section to ensure that you get the best possible price.

Note: the picture is a photo taken in 2009.

Finally, the picture may vary slightly.

Scotty Chan Gift Vouchers
Various denominations available, redeemable against any purchase made of Scotty Chan merchandise, (gift vouchers are non-refundable by Scotty Chan and printed gift vouchers can't be transferred between PayPal accounts if they've got an recipient's email address on them, no cash alternative will be offered in the unlikely event that no Scotty Chan products are available).

Scotty Chan Donations
Click on the button below if you wish to donate money to helping Scotty Chan grow and promote itself, (such as maintaining the websites and providing more services and products), without having to make a purchase, all donations are greatly received, and Scotty Chan extends its most heart-felt thanks, (please note that donations are non-refundable, and can't be used against any purchases of Scotty Chan merchandise).